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Harmony of Light

Let the light shine through on dark days

 Thanks for visiting my webpage!

 Hi, my name is Beth, I am an energy worker. What is energy work, you ask? Well, simply put, Energy or “Chi” is all around us and in us. Energy or Chi can be blocked in our bodies due to emotional and / or physical trauma. We all carry patterns in our life such as anxiety, stress, fears, insecurities, low self-esteem, to name a few.

 Have you ever gone to a party feeling great but once you got there you started to feel drain and overwhelmed? Or what about that certain person every time you get together, you leave feeling drained and in need of a nap! You are maybe wondering why this happens to you! It is due to your holes in your energetic fields or weak spots, so you have no defence. You do not have to live your life imprisoned by these unhealthy patterns?

 This is where I come in, I can feel energy so I can detect where you have holes or weak spots.  I fix strength your energetic fields and refine your chakra’s, I also check to see if there is anything else going on. Energetic fields guard, protect, they filter and are magnetizing, they draw relationships, health, money, and information just to name a few.

 I personally have gone through an amazing transformation using technology known as the Iqube and Infinity harmonizer. Conscious technology (Theta Love Iqube and Infinity Harmonizer) to help clients release unhealthy patterns permanently. I also use the technology and different healing modalities in my own personal life, I have felt and seen it change in every aspect of my life. I went from hopeless to thriving. I have been trained in and practicing Reiki for over 10 years. I am also certified in Nova Light, which is another form of energy work, for just over 2 years.

 Let me help you find your light on the dark days.



“I came in feeling stressed and had pain in my back. I was unable to take a deep breath cause of the pain, after an hour with Beth I could take a deep breath again with no pain and felt calmer.” 


“I’ve been seeing Beth for almost a year, since then I feel lighter more at ease. My levels of energy have increased and general overall health has improved.”


“I have a busy and stressful life. I left feeling clean and lighter as if all the stress was lifted.”


What a session is like


Determine if there is anything the client would like to work specifically, for the session. 

The session begins with the client laying on a table, fully clothed, with one’s eyes closed. Firstly, I begin by check your energetic body seeing what is going on in your energy fields. I start clearing and reline your chakras, as work l begin releasing any block you may have as well as removing any cords you may have. It is painless, some clients feel a release of emotions, a sense of lightness why other may feel tired and need to have a nap.

I provide long distant healing, it is the same as above paragraph only difference is it long distance. Working through Skype, Zoom or video messaging.

How often do you go for a session? That is up to you and how you are feeling. I have gone once or twice a month. It is up to you, as to what feels right for your physical and mental health also in what you can afford. If you would like more information about the technology, I use you can check out

IQubes Technologies

 It has been around for 45 years

‘IQube Technologies is designed to help release’ traumatic cellular memory interrupt contractive condition based repetitive stories and dissipate your subconscious blocks

Quantum Technology removes the negative or lower vibrational energies which assist in releasing what no longer serves you.’

How It Works…

ClearingClearing negative emotions, fears, anxieties, phobias and even sadness, loss, anger and depression.

  • “Nova Lightwork is a technique of energy healing. Like Reiki and yoga, it utilities the chi, or life force energy, in your body. This technique allows you to perceive your chi, then increase it, then direct it.”
  • “You can direct the flow of chi to an illness of problem in your physical body, or you can direct it to an emotional or behavioral problem”
  • Energy work must go hand in hand with a doctor’s care in the event of illness”



Our Chi or Life Force Energy

Chi is the basic energy that is the alive living electricity aspect of our biology.

The Chi healing practitioner can remove blockages and focus chi directly to any area that needs it

A Person’s Aura

  • The aura is a non-physical field of energies around a person, visible through clairvoyance. It is produced by the energy body (energosoma, or subtle body) of the person we are observing.

GREEN AURA COLOUR MEANING: Relates to heart and lungs, it is an extremely comfortable, health colour of nature. When seen in the aura this usually represents growth and

About Beth Scutt

Beth was born in Sault Ste. Marie, ON and moved to Kenora, ON when she was a baby. In 1983, Beth moved to Thunder Bay, ON and attended  Confederation College, where she recieved her education as a Social Service Worker as well as in Concurrent Disorders Addictions and Mental Health. She worked in the field with the ‘hard to house’ individuals and those who live with mental health and addiction. Since then Beth has been studying and practing Reiki for over 10 years completing her Level II as well.

Beth has always been someone who is highly aware and intuitive to the emotions and energy of those around her. Her natural gift of being able to feel and pick up the energy of others give her the ability to assist people in shifting their energy to a balanced state. From the time she was young she knew she wanted to support people. Beth feels this is another avenues in which to assist others in changing their lives. 

Hours of Operation

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